About Us

„For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1:16)


"...I do my best not to reason like "You non-believers, religion-critics say this or that". I always use third person! Why? Because I would like to detach him from that group and rather involve him in the role of the judge or the outsider who can decide unbiasedly in the debate."

Hi! I am a Reformed (Presbyterian) pastor and although sometimes I have pastoral duties, my main call is to serve towards Jewish people, to share the Good News of the Messiah with them and to be with them in their happiness and pains. 

Earlier I was an assistant pastor in Debrecen and in Budapest too, I spent many years in youth ministry and religious education. 

I had been the missionary of Christian Witness to Israel for twelve years and I am still serving there as Mission Associate. 

Now I help the online work of Jews for Jesus Hungary as an enterpreneur and practically I am serving with them on the streets, do Bible studies, play the guitar and introduce our service in churches. 

I love the woods, mountains, trips. As an enterpreneur I run a webshop in this topic thus gaining experience. 

In this challenge these two desires (service towards Jewish people and organised long distance trips) can be linked. 

Hi! A couple of years ago I was a teacher for young kids. We were reading, writing, examining water and ice, we were singing and learning maths… and now I am here obeying God’s call that I received about 20 years ago to the mission towards Jewish people.

I have been a missionary of Christian Witness to Israel for 5 years seconded to Jews for Jesus Hungary to work in a team instead of fighting alone with the challenges of the mission.

During my ministry I often meet Holocaust survivors who had staggering lives. They are telling me about their past and future, hardships and happiness and often they are glad to speak about God with me. While searching for answers to their questions, I always know: we don’t have much time. We have fewer and fewer survivors living in their eighties-nineties among us.

On this trip we give thanks to God for His wonderful creation, we visit Jewish cemeteries and try to work for these places can actually be the fields of piety. This is how we help survivors to keep their memories and we invite you for praying for them as time is short.


“You are really totally crazy, but lovable ones at least 😊 It’s very nice of you that you are dedicating yourselves for such a thing. But really, kol hakavod for it, it’s a very nice project!” (From the e-mail of one of our Jewish friends after I wrote him about this challenge.)