Challenge for Survivors

The Challenge

We are a missionary couple, Feri and Bogi.
We are to do a sponsored challenge. What is it?

We know it is the solemn duty of survivors and descendants to keep the memory of the ancestors. This is in what we help Holocaust survivors during our two weeks of holiday in our Challenge for Survivors.

During the challenge we would like to to raise a support that makes it possible that our ministry for survivors can continue. Sooooo….!


We are looking for 1000 people who are willing to give a one time gift of 10 USD for supporting Bogi’s ongoing ministry in Hungary, and we will accomplish our Challenge for Survivors during our holiday.

Challenge for Survivors?

231 km (143,5 miles) hike

We will hike 231kms on the Hungarian National Blue Trail (Hollóháza - Sátoraljaújhely - Putnok) in the land where Satmar Chasidism was born. We will be living from our backpack and sleep in our tent.

Visiting Jewish memories

We are to visit 20-25 Jewish cemeteries and other memories including the tomb of the famous Rabbi Teitelbaum in Sátoraljaújhely. Some memorial places are still unknown. We will do our best to find them.

Give hand

After prior consultation with Jewish communities, we will help in documentation, and we also plan to do some maintenance work at least in two places. (We only do practical work if it actually helps and doesn't mess up anything.)

Meet people

During our trail we meet people living in this land. There are very few Jewish people remained in these villages and towns after the Shoa. We hope we can find some of them. Please pray for us in this!

We talk

Whenever we have the opportunity we would like to talk with people, help, encourage, and share the Good News of the Messiah with Jews and Gentiles.

Share all that with you

We are going to have daily live videos and share our experience on Social Media pages as well as on this web-site. You can also follow our Strava activity to see where we are.

Who are we?


We first met in a school-choir when we were teenagers. Today we are parents of three teenagers.

We share all our life and vocation with each other. We talk to Jewish people about Jesus. We especially have a heart for the „survivors”, the generation who were born before or during the Shoah / Holocaust, thus know it’s pain. They are elderly people today, and we have limited time to get to know them, hear their stories and tell them the story of the Messiah, Jesus. Will you help us in this?

Yours in His service,

Feri and Bogi

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Challenge 4 Survivors

We will tell the stories and all the information and spiritual experience we had during our journey. The story is still not ended.