The Challenge

Here we show you which route we are to do and which places we are planning to visit. We are using Strava app, so that you can follow our real progress here during the challenge. 

In the Blog you can follow our daily posts where we are telling you what we saw and heard during our journey. 

Our goal is not only to raise support. It is also very important for us to bring these forgotten treasures closer to you.


The Challenge-Route in 2021

Országos kéktúra 231km-es szakasza - Kihívás a Túlélőkért (A jelölt helyek a hivatalos pecsételő pontok. A kép forrásáért kattints a képre!)

Jewish Memorial Places, Cemeteries

Below we listed the places about which we know that we can find Jewish cemeteries or other memorial places there. Some of them are not sure, we reserve the right to change them.  

Often we help the maintainer by going to the cemetery and taking photos about its present state. But in some places we would like to do something more, obviously only after asking the local Jewish community and the maintainer about it.

We are also planning to organize a team in 1-2 locations for doing a greater work and we also might have the time for a little talk, a community with them…

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Our Latest Trip
Activities List
  • Hát, nekem a lábam leszakad. Kész. Ennyi volt. 😀
    On április 6, 2024 11:29 de. went 25,19 km during 06:05:17 hours climbing 652,60 meters burning 3 851 calories.
  • Training for XCC
    On október 9, 2023 8:54 de. went 24,40 km during 06:07:42 hours climbing 951,00 meters burning 3 729 calories.
  • Morning Hike
    On október 7, 2023 7:46 de. went 4,73 km during 00:56:16 hours climbing 71,00 meters burning 723 calories.
  • Morning Hike
    On október 5, 2023 6:59 de. went 5,22 km during 00:59:47 hours climbing 71,10 meters burning 799 calories.
  • Morning Hike
    On október 4, 2023 7:02 de. went 4,10 km during 00:48:53 hours climbing 63,90 meters burning 627 calories.